The Benefits of Signing Up To Dating Sites

A lot of people who are looking to try online dating rightly look for the best offers and deals to make sure they experience the range of different sites and in this day and age of hundreds of apps and short attention spans, this has become the norm. Of course, this is why so many people come to HDR, because… Read more →

Evolve – The Dating App We Wish Didn’t Exist

With societies constant need to organise, review, rate and generally control everything, there is a new area for it to invade: Love. There are the serial daters, ones who have so many dates wedged into their busy social calendar that they don’t have time to think about how the dates actually made them feel before rolling onto the next one.… Read more →

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Keep up to date with us!

We are always trying to update our service and offer the best experience we can to our users. As such, it feels like the right time to start our Facebook page, somewhere where we can keep you up to date on all the latest offers and news!   So on on that note, why not head over and give us… Read more → Online Dating Advice have a wealth of dating advice on the site, which is a great offering for anyone looking to get into the world of online dating!   We recently came across one of their articles that caught our eye – it was a down-to-earth list of ‘rules’ on online dating that was designed as a guide for people to get… Read more → Events Events

There has been a bit of a drought on HDR lately, with a lack of new posts going up, but we are back and working harder than ever to bring you insights and deals from the exciting world of online dating! One thing we have meant to talk about for a while is events. These events have been around… Read more →

A Great Online Dating Profile

Guest Spot On LoganLo

HDR have had the pleasure of posting an article on all about online dating profile tips. Why not head over there and check out some tip? You might even learn something that will turn around your profile and flood your inbox with new messages! Logan also wrote a great dating book called ‘A Great Online Dating Profile’ check it out… Read more →

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Offline to Online – The History of Dating

So I came across this great article from the BBC all about the history of dating. It actually makes an interesting read and highlights some great facts. Such as Blind Date came out in 1985?! Shocking, TV hasn’t been the same since. But seriously, it is actually very interesting. Especially elements like ‘Operation Match’ in which two Harvard students charged people… Read more →

Local Dating

Looking For Local Dating

A new section of the site goes up today, starting with the local dating landing page, which now has the first city review on it! So if you are in London and are looking for a little morale boost, then have a look at our London Dating page. More and more local pages will appear on the site as we get… Read more →

New Look for New Love

Well, after some time away, we are back! And HDR is here with a fresh new look and a great new energy! We have been talking to all of the big dating sites and are now in the process of adding all new codes to the site! So check back and make sure you take advantage of the great deals… Read more →