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A Great Online Dating Profile

Guest Spot On LoganLo

HDR have had the pleasure of posting an article on all about online dating profile tips. Why not head over there and check out some tip? You might even learn something that will turn around your profile and flood your inbox with new messages! Logan also wrote a great dating book called ‘A Great Online Dating Profile’ check it out… Read more →

Youve Got Mail

Offline to Online – The History of Dating

So I came across this great article from the BBC all about the history of dating. It actually makes an interesting read and highlights some great facts. Such as Blind Date came out in 1985?! Shocking, TV hasn’t been the same since. But seriously, it is actually very interesting. Especially elements like ‘Operation Match’ in which two Harvard students charged people… Read more →

Local Dating

Looking For Local Dating

A new section of the site goes up today, starting with the local dating landing page, which now has the first city review on it! So if you are in London and are looking for a little morale boost, then have a look at our London Dating page. More and more local pages will appear on the site as we get… Read more →

New Codes On The Site!

If you are out there looking for love, then we have some new offer codes to help you get the best out of the online dating world! Check out our Offers, follow the link on the page and enjoy 72 hours completely free on the site! Read more →

Valentines Day Dating Offers

It is almost here! Valentine’s day is an amazing day, whether you are in a couple or even if you are single! Sometimes it may not seem like it, but it is a great time to start meeting people, because love will be on the mind! In the run up to the big day itself is the perfect time to… Read more →

Icelandic dating app

A New Dating App You Won’t Have Seen Before

An interesting article appeared the other day about an app for dating. Naturally, this sparked my interest. However, this is an app with a more niche use; one to stop you dating your relatives. This may seem like a strange thing to have a demand, but it is specifically for use in Iceland. An interesting country; immigration is pretty much… Read more →