Dating Tips For Older People Starting In The Dating World

One of the glorious things about online dating is that it opens up the world of dating to anyone. You don’t need to stand at a bar and try to catch someone’s eye or try to bump into a crush on the street. If like me you are a little more shy then these things seem like a nightmare and especially if you are a little older, then going to a club might not be your idea of a good night, especially as finding someone for a meaningful relationship seems slim. This is where sites like excel, you know you are in the same place as all the other people on there and you can even put in a few prerequisites so you know you will be likely to have a connection with any matches.

However, there are always some considerations that are worth bearing in mind, especially if you are getting older. Dating has never been more fun or exciting, but remember these top tips to make sure you are going about it in the right way!

1) Be honest about your age

It can be scary telling someone how old you are, no matter your age. But if you are looking for love and a long term relationship then the truth needs to be told from the outset. No matter what initial embarrassment you think you will be saving by shaving off a few years, it will be nothing compared to the embarrassment of coming clean months down the line. Even more concerning; there will always be the feeling of, ‘if they lied about this, what else could they be lying about?’ and that’s no way to start a long term relationship.

2) First impressions are everything

Putting yourself out there and posting pictures of yourself can be daunting, especially when you are putting your heart on the line. But at the end of the day you want to give it your all, so make sure you show your best side. This doesn’t mean cake on the make-up or so anything out of the ordinary, but if you have a picture of you at a party in a dress, pick that one over you at a BBQ with ketchup all down your front!

3) Speak on the phone first

Messaging on dating sites can be exciting and it’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of it and that’s good. After all, that is what you are there for, to get excited about meeting someone! But before you just agree to meet up with someone, organise a phone call first. What this can help do is give some reassurance that there is a spark there and that the conversation will flow, pick up some more topics you want to talk about when you finally meet up and more importantly confirm that who you have been messaging is who you think they are.

4) Make sure you are comfortable with your meeting place

There are so many fun things you can do on a date, but make sure that what you are doing and where you are going is comfortable to you. This is important for helping you relax and will help you get to know your date as you aren’t worrying about a hundred other things at the same time.

5) Prepare for some disappointment

This is a weird one for me to put on this list, but it is important. You have made all this effort to dress up and get your hair done, and then your date turns up in beach shorts and a vest. You might laugh but it could happen! At the end of the day this is part of the fun of dating; when looking for love it is not about settling for anyone so you are likely to have a few first dates. Just because some of them aren’t what you were hoping for isn’t a reason to get disheartened, just use this experience as a funny story for the next date.


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