Flowers and Gifts Offers

When you are looking to make the best impression you can, why turn up to a date empty handed?

At HDR we are proud to be working with Flower Station in order to offer you savings and service that mean you can make the impression you want too.

It may seem a bit cliched to bring flowers to a date, but one thing is for sure, you will be starting off on the right foot. What bringing a gift shows is that you care about the outcome of this date and are willing to make an effort beyond just turning up. This is important as it is these little unspoken traits that will go a long way in getting towards that all important second date.

One of the reasons we were delighted to work with flower station is the fact that they offer same day delivery. This means no rooting around in petrol stations to find a passable bunch; you can have a fresh and crisp bouquet ready for the evenings date. Again, this shows a thoughtfulness and effort that will definitely be appreciated by the other party, as well as acting as a nice ice breaker!

We are always in the process of securing new offers for you to enjoy and while we do, feel free to check out whats below for our current deals.


So get ready to treat your date to a stunning selection of flowers and gifts!


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