Frequently Asked Questions

When you are looking for the best online dating site for you there will understandably be a wealth of questions you may have. What we have tried to do, it to list these for you here, but if you do have any other questions, don’t forget you can always get in touch with us here via our contact page!


Should I only be a member of one dating site at a time?

Of course, but it might not be the best route to look at. Our advice here is to find a site that works for you and commit to it. If you are bouncing between sites, sending messages here and there and replying to lots of responses it can get confusing and you can spread yourself too thin. Our advice is to try out a few sites, many like offer a Free trial which can help you make up your mind. Once you know which site is right for you, commit to it!

Aren’t dating sites just for people who can’t get dates in person?

Definitely not! This antiquated view of dating sites is quickly disappearing as more and more people realise how great online dating can be. People who are career driven, living in remote areas or who are new to an area can all benefit from the freedom and flexibility online dating offers. If you do have a jaded view of online dating, we fully recommend trying some out and seeing if they don’t change your opinion!

Are dating sites just tools for messaging people?

In some regards yes, but that isn’t entirely true. Imagine dating sites as the ice breaker conversation – you are both in the same place and are (generally speaking) looking for the same thing and the site and initial messaging allows you to make an important first connection. From there dating sites are an important platform for moving into a real date either via your own arrangement or using great services like date nights and events.

Is there a review that will tell you all you need to know about dating sites?

As much as we at HDR are always trying to add new sites, edit our reviews and keep on top of things, we know there isn’t really the ‘perfect’ review. Each of us are wonderfully unique people and as such all want slightly different experiences. This translates into dating sites as different services work for different people! We cannot urge you enough to try some sites and see how they feel to you. This is why we heavily promote any free trials we manage to get hold of, because there is nothing better than trying out a site. Of course, if you do have specific questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, maybe we have the answer you were looking for!

How much does online dating cost?

Entering the world of online dating can be as cost effective as you want it to be! Starting at free trials is the best place to start to make sure a site is for you, following that there are several options available. These can be monthly subscriptions which range between sites, from being quite reasonable and more niche sites such as Elite Singles being towards the pricier ends of the spectrum. Regardless of site, paying upfront for a few months is always better value than the subscription route.  Once you have done your free trial, you should be sure about which site works for you, so better of getting a 3 month subscription than a month as you will save yourself a lot of money in the process!