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Match Affinity is a great dating site. Similarly to its sister site,, Match Affinity is positioned as a ‘matchmaking service’ where the focus is put on putting people together who are looking for serious, long term relationships.

What does Match Affinity offer? Well, aside from the ease of use and great features, it offers you the chance to connect to thousands of like minded singles (and don’t forget you can start your 3 day free trial at any time!)

Let’s break down the 5 steps to getting set up on Match Affinity:

1) Sign up and start your 3 day free trial

2) Complete the Match Affinity questionnaire, so you can be better matched to other singles

3) Get your free personality report;  culmination of your questionnaire answers that gives an overview on your outlook on things like family, friends and hobbies

4) Browse the thousands of compatible singles!

5) Finally, use the easy interface to contact any singles you want and set up that all important first date! 

So don’t forget, if you are looking for a serious and lasting relationship, then there is a good chance that Match Affinity is the site for you. Not convinced? Click on any of the links on this page and sign up for a 3 days free trial! That way you can fill out the questionnaire and see who they can partner you with! It’s no risk for a great reward!

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