There has been a bit of a drought on HDR lately, with a lack of new posts going up, but we are back and working harder than ever to bring you insights and deals from the exciting world of online dating!
One thing we have meant to talk about for a while is events. These events have been around for a good amount of time now, but have changed from simple ‘singles meet-ups’ to more interactive experiences. What Match have successfully done, is create forums for like minded singles to spend some time together, where they can get relate and have engaging conversations with thanks to their similar interests. There are a huge variety of events, such as Tastings, Cocktail making or even simple Dining experiences. Not everything has to revolve around food and drink though, with lots of events around Arts and Culture making an appearance.


These events are a fantastic way to break the ice, especially for those who just want to use the internet to make the connection before meeting, rather than develop the whole relationship online. What this allows is an invite to an exclusive event full of like minded singles. The other nice part is that you are able to take up to 3 friends with you, to give you that moral support to get you there! However, if you are determined to take the plunge yourself, you are going to have a great time interacting with everyone.
In true form, they have the stats to back up anything they do and its hard to say this one isn’t impressive; 1 in every 2 people say they met someone at an event. It is a bit of an obvious one, but it does point to something interesting; to meet someone, you actually need to get out there and well, meet them. Match is aware that the service it offers allow people who are busy, shy or anything in between to meet people from all over the country, but they know that the lasting relationships come from those who are willing to make the move and actually meet up with someone who they have ‘met’ online.
In conclusion, make sure you check out all of the Offers we have, get signed up and then you too can go to the events and meet some great people!