User Reviews

When we recommend people to visit we genuinely care about the experience they have. As such we make sure we get reviews from these real people, so we know that what we are doing is the right thing! Below is a selection of these reviews and if you have a review that you would like to submit for consideration, then please email [email protected] with the subject line ‘Review’.

“I’ve been on Match for about 5 months now and have really enjoyed talking and getting to know lots of different people. Match is great for matching up people who have similar interests or habits by asking you lots of questions. Recently, I have been on one of the match date nights, It was a really fun night and I met a lot of lovely people who made me realise I wasn’t alone in the search for a partner. I am currently dating someone I met there and hopefully won’t need to use Match anymore!”
Jane West – 45 years old – London – Match Date Nights

“I had only been on Match for about 2 months before finding my long term girlfriend. Match was really great at matching people together by looks, personality traits and habits. A lot of good looking women on there too.”
Tom Higgins – 29 Years Old – Manchester – 2 Months

“Only 4 stars because it took me a while to find anyone I really fancied, just as I was giving up I found someone.”
Lynette Williams – 24 years old – London – 4 Stars

“I never thought I would ever meet someone on a dating site as I didn’t believe it would work for me. But now I am living with my long term partner in the countryside, dreams can come true guys!!”
Francis Jacobson – Thank you Match – Shropshire

“Match has really opened my eyes and made me find out what I want and don’t want in a boyfriend, I think I’ve been a bit fussy. I’ve been on a few bad dates but I’ve also made a few friends, I’m going to continue with Match as it is quite fun talking to people when you are lonely.”
Sally Moore – 55 years old – I’m still searching

“I was a bit scared at first to go on these blind dates, but they are really good fun and I’ve had great laughs. I’ve had 5 dates in 3 weeks and I’ve only just signed up”
Joyce Wong – 33 Years Old – Newcastle

“Good service.”
Mark Davis – Good dating site

“2 hours! Yes I’ve tried other websites and met up with a few people which never worked out. I joined match and within 2 hours had a date. we’ve been together over 2 months now and just booked our first holiday to Turkey together. Think I’ve found my one.”
Judith Rodriguez

“I thought I’d be the only young person on Match as most people my age meet people out in clubs and bars, but that isn’t me. I was matched with a couple of men who are similar to me and prefer to do an activity so we met for a game of bowling.”
Danielle Crawford-Cox – 21 Years Old – London

“It’s my 1 Year anniversary and whilst I was reminiscing about my perfect wedding I remembered how I met my beautiful wife. So I just thought I would come back to and write a review about my wonderful experience.I joined in February 2015 and within a Month of searching through my matches I finally found the woman I had been waiting for all my life. Thanks to you Match I am now happily married and expecting my first child! Wow!It’s worth signing up and seeing how it could work for you, plus you can get 3 days for free.”
Alex Peters – 33 Years Old – April 2017

“I’d recommend signing up to, so many people on there you are bound to find the one.”
Sammy – 43 Years Old – November 2016