Offline to Online – The History of Dating

So I came across this great article from the BBC all about the history of dating.

It actually makes an interesting read and highlights some great facts.

Such as Blind Date came out in 1985?! Shocking, TV hasn’t been the same since.

But seriously, it is actually very interesting. Especially elements like ‘Operation Match’ in which two Harvard students charged people a nominal amount to be given the names of five potential matching partners. This was back in 1965; there is no doubt that if these guys were born 30 years later and hit the dot com boom, that they might have seen success on the scale of Zuckerbergs’ similar enterprise on the same Campus.
Dating has always been around and it is interesting to see how people can bring innovation to something like relationships, which have been around since, well, as long as people have been.
There have been various innovations as technology progressed to; with TV shows such as the before mentioned Blind Date, in which a ever-so-slightly-risque answer to three questions was enough to get you a date.

It is crazy to think that our very own friends at came around in 1995? Not many businesses survive that long in the ever evolving digital landscape, let alone still continue to grow when heading into a 20th year of existence.

I suggest having a look at the article, but below are some snapshots of some of our favorite highlights!

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Lonely Soldier

Operation Match

Blind Date

The Spread Of Online Dating